Friday, May 04, 2007

Things My Computer Can't Do Lately Without Considerable (and Time-Consuming) Effort

  • Switch back and forth between Firefox and Windows Media Player
  • Play movies
  • Figure out what the next song in the rotation will be
  • Open PDFs
  • Close any application
  • Open Word documents
  • Open Excel documents
  • Pretty much anything with Office 2007
  • Bake chocolate chip cookies

Attn computer-savvy folks: Will buying more RAM solve all these problems and more?


Th. said...


But what do you think of Office 2007?

playasinmar said...

Ram will boost your ability to multi-task but the ram probably isn't the problem right now.

If your computer has experienced a sudden down-turn in speed you are probably infected with adware/spyware.

Mr. Fob said...

Thanks, Playa. I hadn't run SpyBot in quite a while--since the last time this happened and my brother, I think, told me the same thing. How quick I am to forget. I just ran SpyBot and found 25 or so problems, then I updated the detection files and found and fixed another 78. Now I have Firefox, WMP, and Word 2007 running at the same time and I can actually switch from screen to screen.

I like Office 2007. It's taking a while to get used to the new ways of doing things, but it's pretty and I like pretty things.

svoid said...

I was going to say exactly what playasinmar already said. So, yeah, what he said :)

Edgy said...

Are you trying to bake chocolate chip cookies with or without nuts? Because I find that my computer doesn't like to bake them with the nuts as they clog the CD-rom drive.

JB said...

My Suggestions:

1. Ubuntu. Very user-friendly. Not buggy and crappy like Windows. Takes some getting used to, but there appears to be a great community for support.

Should you choose not to go through with option 1:

2. Download Ad-Aware. Spyware can bog down your system something fierce.

3. Make sure you have all of your security updates for Windows.

4. Make sure your Firefox browser is up to date.

5. Run your anti-virus software.

6. RAM probably will help.

JB said...

(P.S. After you download AdAware, you'll want to run a full system scan. Also, I meant to say that MORE RAM will likely help. When I worked in tech support a year ago, we recommended that people have about a gig of RAM to run our software. If you've got 500MG or so, you're probably fine, but a whole gig probably wouldn't hurt, either.)