Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Roughing It

The soon-to-be Master Foxy* is leaving on a jet plane tonight, headed to Utah to defend her thesis. We decided that it would be easier on me and the kids if I just stay at the two-bedroom Foxcave (nee Fobcave 2.0), rather than have them at my one-bedroom Fobcave 3.0 for three days. This means that I will be without a computer for three days, as Foxy is taking her laptop with her. I'm excited at the thought of forcing myself to live in such primitive conditions--I'm quite the martyr. :)

Actually, I'll be honest; I'll surely be checking my email at least once a day, either at my place (which is not that far away) or at one of the handful of libraries where I can use a computer. The big difference will be that after I put the kids to bed I won't have a computer to keep me up blogging, emailing, surfing, or homeworking. Which means I'll actually get some sleep, which will be nice because I haven't slept much in the last week and a half as I've been hustling to get everything done in order to take the second half of this week off. It'll also be nice to spend a few days with my kids and be able to focus on them completely without worrying about school or work or anything else.

And I hope Foxy has a good trip, flying without children for the first time in nearly four years.

*Is anyone else reminded of Hot Rod, who after inheriting the Matrix in Transformers: The Movie (the cartoon one, not the new one), became Rodimus Prime, or is the reference too obscure? Perhaps she should change her name to Foximus Prime?


Tolkien Boy said...

Sometimes, it's nice to have a break from the Internet.

It makes returning that much more sweet.

Kristeee said...

Master Foxy has a really nice ring to it. Good luck to her!

Good luck with the kids but without the internet - may your sanity be with you.

Angie said...

It is funny how addicted we are to the internet. When we transferred our phone/internet to our new place downstairs, instead of disconnecting and reconnecting to keep the same phone #, we got new service at the new place and paid for double service until everything was set up at the new place and then transferred our phone #(so we would not have to go for a week without internet). The phone service guy laughed at us for being so addicted to the internet.

Rebecca said...

My brother would TOTALLY get your transformers reference (although I'll admit that I don't). That's hilarious. He also lives in Seattle, and his blog is

In case you want to go be friends. He's pretty awesome, and he knows transformers - do you NEED anything else in a friend?

B.G. Christensen said...

Foxy and I were just trying to figure out the other day if we know your brother from somewhere, Rebecca. She came across his blog from yours, I think, and his name was familiar, but she eventually realized that was because he had a story published in the same issue of Dialogue that I was in.