Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Six More

By request:
  1. I am more concerned by my daughter's bum touching a public toilet seat than I am by my own. For her, I use a disposable paper cover thingee if the seat is at all suspicious-looking. For myself, I just wipe it off with toilet paper.
  2. I can make my tongue into a W. Can you?
  3. For some reason IMing and chatting stress me out, but I have no problem with having a two-hour conversation via a series of one-sentence emails.
  4. Cryptic anonymous comments disturb me. Are you laughing with me or at me? I have no way of telling if all I know about you is that you live in Florida.
  5. There was a missionary (not a companion, but an apartmentmate) who I would punch and wrestle with as an excuse for physical contact. I did so frequently enough that my motivations were probably obvious to anyone paying attention.
  6. I lie to myself when I don't like the truth. My freshman year of college, for example, I realized that I really didn't like the Doctrine and Covenants, but I had not allowed myself to consciously admit it because I didn't think it was acceptable to dislike a work of scripture.
Apparently I'm supposed to pass this assignment on to six others now, but I hate to make anyone do something he or she doesn't want to, so instead I'll say that the first six people to comment saying the words "I accept the challenge, Master Fob" are invited to write six interesting facts about themselves on their blogs. I encourage you to do this especially if you secretly want to but are embarrassed to admit it. I promise, I won't tell anyone--not even myself.


playasinmar said...

Dear Master Fob,

First, please forgive a lurker for leaving a comment that has nothing to so with your post.

Second, thank you for blogging. Your posts have shed light on a lifestyle choice that I thought was incomprehensible.

There aren't many gay, Mormon voices out there, far fewer with a face attached, and for this I salute you.

Third, forgive the flattery. I gush sometimes; there's no point trying to stop it.


Anonymous said...

In fact, I can fold my tongue into a W. I can also tie knots in cherry stems and unwrap starbursts in my mouth.

Have you ever been concerned about contracting diseases from the sacrament bread from the priests' not washing their hands?

Mormon Enigma said...

I accept the challenge, Master Fob.

SenecaSis said...

I, too, accept the challenge.

Katria said...

We all know I'm a sucker for lists. I also accept your challenge.

Tusk said...

I wish the Uk had those toilet seat cover things....