Monday, February 26, 2007

Funding Options for 07-08

Plan A: Get a FLAS grant, which is where they pay me (tuition plus a nice stipend) to take Spanish classes in addition to my LIS classes. This would mean, basically, that we're set, and it has the added advantage of not requiring me to work, which opens up time for FoxyJ to get a job, which leads not only to extra money but, more importantly, added sanity for the whole family.

Plan B: Get the graduate student assistantship with the iSchool that I just applied for. This would pay tuition plus a nice stipend, but they'd actually want me to work for the money. Still, though, not a bad option.

Plan C: Get rehired at the admission office next winter. This would pay tuition plus the nice stipend for winter quarter, but I'd have to fend for myself as far as fall quarter goes. The nice thing, though, is that while the other two options require me to stay through June (the end of spring quarter), this option means I could be be done with school in March (the end of winter quarter, as in a year from now).

Plan D: Get rejected by all of the above options and resort to selling my body for sex and/or scientific research. This has the benefit of advancing the field of science and/or sex.


Th. said...


I have to say those are pretty awesome options to be stuck with.ef

Samantha said...

Plan D: Is there a market for that?

Amazing! Who knew??

Tusk said...

I think it's a pretty obvious decision, Senor! :)

Master Fob said...

Unfortunately, the decision is not mine to make. I'm waiting on other people to make the decision for me. But yes, if I had my choice, Plan D is obviously the best one.

-L- said...

I sold myself for science last year and made $1600 for about 40 hours. Considering the suitability of my body for other business enterprises, I doubt I would receive as much.

Sir Jupiter said...

Cash, check or COD?