Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Joy of Children

Raising children is often unrewarding. They scream, they talk back, they poop in their panties, they get sick, and rarely do you as a parent feel appreciated for all your hard work. There comes a special time, though, when all that hard work pays off, and suddenly it's all worth it: tax season.


Melyngoch said...

You raise a good point. Want to lend me one for the month of April?

Tolkien Boy said...

Ah, yes. Nothing like the love of a parent motivated by economics.

-L- said...

Didn't file at all last year because we had no income as students. Imagine my surprise when I learned I missed out on a refund compliments of having a kid. We've already filed for 2006, now we're working on 2005. :-)