Monday, February 12, 2007

Brief Observations Made Over a Weekend Spent With Each of the Current Members of FOB

  • Tolkien Boy will someday be a great father. S-Boogie always has a lot of fun with him and he worries, for example, about the fact that she looks like a little movie star. On the other hand, I tend to assume that this only means she will be happier than ugly people.
  • Weed will someday be a great marriage and family therapist. He is great at listening and empathizing without making value judgments. After spending Saturday afternoon with him I felt happily therapized in a marriage and family sort of way.
  • Sir Jupiter will someday be a great hot dog vendor. Or something. In the few months we've known him, he has been very generous to us, and his generous gifts have often involved food of some sort. Last night he made us a yummy dinner of Chilean-style hot dogs with tomatoes, avocado (he won me over with the avocado), and mayonaise.

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Melyngoch said...

Dude, I wish you'd hung out with me. I bet you'd have decided I'm destined to be a great garbage truck driver.