Monday, February 05, 2007

Another Example of My Social Neurosis

I'm sitting alone in the reading room at work, reading applications. Another reader walks in and, since we're short on files to read, I give him half of my stack of twenty.

"When we finish these we can switch and do second reads," he suggests.

"Yeah, that'll keep us going for a while."

He sits down at the desk next to me and we both proceed to read. You better speed up, I tell myself. What if he finishes his ten and you're only halfway through yours? You'll look incompetent.

So I speed up. Five files later, I glance at his desk to see he's only finished two.

Crap. Slow down. You don't want him to think you're being sloppy.

Because, of course, he cares.


Tolkien Boy said...

He might not care, but I do. If you don't do things EXACTLY as other people do, I'll make fun of you.

I ain't kidding.

Sir Jupiter said...

"He was staring at me...was it competition...or was it LUST?"

-L- said...

Holy crap we are so similar sometimes.