Saturday, June 09, 2007

This is too funny not to mention here

(Thanks, Scot, for pointing this out.)

Apparently, it has come to light that the U.S. military tried to make a "gay bomb" that would use some kind of chemical/pheromone compound to make enemy soldiers irresistibly attracted to each other. The idea being that they'd become ineffective because they'd make love, not war. Apparently some people are offended by this notion. I think they're making a bigger deal than needs to be made, though. If I understand correctly, the idea was not to find some magic gas that will fundamentally change people's sexual orientation; rather they were trying to find an aphrodisiac that would make the soldiers so horny that they'd have sex with whoever happens to be present. Which, sure, raises some ethical questions, but it beats the hell out of killing them.


Mandi said...

I LOVE that idea! I'm not thinking of it as an aphrodisiac though. If they take it one step further and go with like an Estrogen bomb VS pheromone bomb, then they'll be too busy having hot-flashes and crying to think about killing!!

Th. said...



You should send your resume to the DOD now!

Anonymous said...

"A million household uses..."