Sunday, June 17, 2007

African Elephants

A while back, Admissions Coworker submitted an essay to a New York Times contest and ended up being one of the finalists for a trip to Africa with Nick Kristof. Sadly, Nick chose someone else, but Admissions Coworker decided she didn't need Nick to go to Africa, so she bought herself a ticket and signed up to do some volunteer healthcare work (she's a nurse) in Uganda.

Part of the purpose of the Nick Kristof thing is to raise awareness of the health and living conditions in Africa, so Admissions Coworker has decided to contribute to this cause by blogging about her work in Uganda while she's there. And now I'm contributing to the cause by directing you, dear reader, to her blog. Check it out.

And for more on American adventures in African healthcare, also check out SkyeJ's blog about her Peace Corps experiences in Morocco.

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