Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Deep Thoughts about Sir Elton

  • Did you know that Elton John used to be a Rolling Stone? He says so in "Philadelphia Freedom."
  • Speaking of "Philadelphia Freedom," I find it a kind of funny thing for him to sing about. Silly Brit, freedom is for Americans!
  • I find it obscenely funny that the chorus of "Island Girl" sounds like "I like girls! I like girls!"
  • Okay, maybe not obscenely funny, but pretty darn funny.
  • Sir Elton does a pretty decent cover of that Ewan McGregor song from Moulin Rouge!, but he's got the tempo all wrong.

1 comment:

Melyngoch said...

I have to agree. It would have been nice if Elton had at least seen Moulin Rouge before he recorded that song.