Friday, June 01, 2007


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When S-Boogie saw the SpaghettiOs with Dora the Explorer on the can at Safeway this evening, she had to have them. I would feel guilty about giving into this shameless ploy to get parents to buy food they would otherwise not buy if not for the following facts:
  1. It was on sale.
  2. It succeeded in what few other foods can accomplish--getting both S-Boogie and Little Dude to eat a lot of dinner.
  3. FoxyJ confessed to me this morning that she recently bought a lot of Dora paraphernalia to keep S-Boogie occupied on their upcoming flight to Utah. I may be selling my daughter's soul to Corporate America, but at least I am doing so in solidarity with her mother.


FoxyJ said...

They also make Cambells chicken soup with Dora noodles. It's slightly better than Spaghetti-Os.

playasinmar said...


-L- said...

My son now says EVERYTHING with a wildly enthusiastic inflection, loud volume, and shrill optimism. I have only found one likely explanation: watching Dora and Boots.

Queen Zippergut said...

Dora has infiltrated all our lives. My nephews regularly fight about who gets to answer the question at the end of the show "What was your favorite part today?" Can that be good? I still think Foxy should sell her episode idea to the Dora people. Classic.