Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Reasons I Might Not Respond To Your Comment

  1. I'm lazy.
  2. Commenting on my own blog leads to inevitable letdown, as I will be excited when I see an email in my inbox, only to find out it is just my own comment.
  3. Being inconsistent myself in whether I forget to check back on blogs where I've made comments or obsessively check back every hour for three days (even during the night when I wake up to use the bathroom), I'm never sure if a commenter will read my witty reply. And why waste wit on a void?
  4. I am so dumbfounded by your eloquence and grace that I have no worthy response.
  5. I say, "I'll respond to this later," and then I forget.
  6. I am so offended by your vile attack on my character that I am too busy crying in the bathtub to respond.
  7. I am saving up my response for a later post in which I will elaborate on the thought-provoking and/or offensive points raised by your comment, but then by the time I get around to writing that post it's two months later and nobody cares, so I don't write it. Or I do, and still nobody cares.
  8. Really, it's most likely #1.

Rest assured, though, my Fobs, that I read each and every comment, and if your comment is funny I laugh hysterically and if it's poignant I shed exactly three tears. And, of course, if your comment is parenting advice, you can be sure I've put it into action because, after all, I am the highly suggestible type.


mamamormon said...

I thought you didn't always respond b/c you're too busy cataloging our comments in your mind, both in Dewey and LC orders.

Additionally, I thought it was possible you didn't respond b/c you drop acid. And, while I don't exactly know what that means, I can imagine dropping hot acid on yourself would make regular posting tricky. And I worried about your skin care.

I appreciate knowing now that you're just lazy. I was really worried about your skin care regime with the burns and all...

JB said...

Highly suggestible, huh? Hmmm. . .

Scot said...

Looking at all the options, I think I’ll just choose to believe #4 from now on for anything I say anywhere that doesn’t get a response.

Please do not respond to this comment.