Saturday, August 26, 2006

Plane Specs from Jesus

There is a nice gentleman who comes every day to Library #2 and draws a boat or plane, complete with detailed specifications, on a large white piece of poster board. Most days, he personalizes the drawing for a staff member, then gives it to us. I have now received three:

When he gave me the last one, he explained that it is a personal revelation from Jesus Christ that he received for me, so I should not rip it up or throw it away. Which poses a problem--if Jesus gave this man a revelation just for me, then I probably ought to figure out what it means, but I'll admit I'm at a loss. Any ideas?


AmyJane said...

What on the earth? The crazies are out again!

Jenny said...

Don't go swimming while you're in Seattle because you might get eaten by a shark.

Anonymous said...

Just be glad that no man can receive revelation for another.

Bob Millward

-L- said...

So, this reminds me of a guy on my mission that drew what he perceived to be hilarious political cartoons. I never got them, but it wasn't until afterward that I realized it's not because I'm not politically savvy (although I'm not) but because he was schizophrenic. Huh. Who knew?

I think your friend might benefit from a good pharmacist. (wouldn't we all?)

ambrosia ananas said...

Well, you remember the ark, right?

Muse said... pets for you. And don't leave the country.

Cricket said...


Natalie Gordon said...

I am glad that our public libraries can keep the mentally ill busy during the day. It's probably way cheaper than a treatment program.

Safer? Probably not.

But cheaper.