Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Bachelorhood Report

What I did in the eight days I was home alone:
  • Wrote 12 blog posts
  • Cleaned 1 apartment (minus the bathroom, which I was going to do today but ran out of time)
  • Cooked 1 decent meal, which provided leftovers for several meals thereafter (please, no more lasagna)
  • Watched 3 superhero movies--X3 and Superman Returns (again) in the theater, and Batman Begins at home, though perhaps it shouldn't count because I decided on a whim to watch it last night after reading this article, but I knew it was time to go to bed so I compromised and watched it in bed, which meant I slept through much of it
  • Hung out with friends 2 times
  • Attended 1 birthday party
  • Did 3 loads of laundry
  • Bought 2 CDs
  • Worked 62 hours
  • Wrote 0 pages of the novel I'm supposed to be working on.
I think I'm ready to have Foxy J home.


Tolkien Boy said...

It was good lasagna, though.

-L- said...

Have you posted on the novel before? That sounds groovy.

Th. said...


I was hoping to be the one to break the Heath news....