Monday, March 19, 2007

On the Road Again

7am. Little Dude's internal clock works like, well, clockwork. Never mind the fact that he went to sleep three hours late last night.

8:30am. Pancakes provided by Theric. Mm. Maybe I'll let him live.

9am. Managed to get even more stuff in the trunk. Yay!

10am. On the road.

11:30am. I feel sorry for people who live in Sacramento. I'm not sure exactly why it exists.

12:30pm. Lunch at In-N-Out (a must before leaving California). Not only does this one accept credit cards, but the cashier is nice enough to tell us so before we waste money on ATM fees.

1:30pm. With California--and more specifically, the Bay area--behind us, I'm now able to breathe clearly through nose and mouth, and my eyes no longer feel like they're going to fall out. From allergies, anyway. Now they feel like they're going to fall out from driving.

2pm. Reno. See note on Sacramento above.

3pm. I actually kind of like driving through Nevada. It's certainly not a pretty drive--nothing like the drive from Seattle to Berkeley--but it's kind of peaceful and relaxing to drive really fast with long spaces between little dots of civilization. Also, this is somewhat of a familiar drive to me, so I felt kind of at home.

3:30pm. The rest stop before Winnemucca. We've been here before, we think, but it's hard to say along this stretch of road. It's really windy. I'm not sure what exactly I had to say about this stop, but I remember I wanted to say something. Hm. The toilets have no liftable seats, which means that you get to sit on the rim where everyone splashes. S-Boogie definitely got a paper seat cover here.

6pm. Elko. The motel dude charges me even though Orbitz already did, but later on he gives me a refund when I convince him to look it up. The room is clean and big and there's a nice dark spot to put LD's playpen/crib away from the rest of us.

7pm. Dinner at La Fiesta. Deep-fried ice cream. Yum.

9pm. Still loving Foxy's laptop. If I had one of my own I'd never have to go home.


Tina said...

Yum! I love In and Out burgers and fries.

TK said...

If you were in Reno, you could have taken a rest stop at your Aunt Julie's. They live in Sparks, Nevada. And you know what they say about how close Reno is to Sparks! (Well, I can't remember exactly how it goes, but I'll let you know if I remember. :)

Mormon Enigma said...

I have some family members who live in Nevada (with 100 miles of Reno). Everytime I visit them, I think of the movie Tremors.

SenecaSis said...

You're making me be a covetous person. Well, at least a jealous one. Oh how wonderful it would be to take a road trip--a nice long one. One where if I drove for 4 or 6 hours I wouldn't be passing the same spot more than 3 or 4 times, or 5, or 6...

Th. said...


You left him in the hotel while you ate deep-fried ice cream?!?!

Earth Sign Mama said...

I've been to Reno and I've been to Sacramento...and I'd pick Sacramento if forced to pick either. Although Reno does have mountains...and the "Truckee's silvery rills". [reference: Nevada's state song]mmm...actually between the two: Santa Barbara is best.

senecasis: tee-hee--funny!!

Th. said...


I like Santa Barbara too.

Weed said...

What are you guys talking about. Obviously, the greatest city mentioned here is: Winnemucca. I know this because when I was a kid, my family broke down there, and it only took the mechanics three entire days to fix our car. And the hotel had a pool.