Friday, March 16, 2007

Fobbing the Thteedcave

Yesterday was uneventful, mostly. Spent eight and a half hours in the car, making frequent stops to go potty and run around. Ate lunch at McD's in Weed. Murdered Theric.

True to their generation, S-Boogie and the Big O spend all their time talking with each other on the phone, despite the fact that they're in the same room. Little Dude, meanwhile, is ravaging the Thteed bookcase.

Up next: lunch.


Earth Sign Mama said...

You're THERE! For the first stop. Isn't it nice to be on vacation?

Sir Jupiter said...

So wait, you just HAD lunch but UP NEXT is lunch?

Well go for it, you're on vacation after all.

ecogrrl said...

Dear Fob, I know you are on vacation, so please ignore me for now -- but I am interested in the grad program you're currently undertaking and would be super, super grateful to chat with a student about it. Could you drop a line on my blog sometime if you wouldn't mind meeting up for a chat, since we're in the same city? I know that's a little weird, but I figure it never hurts to go to the source.

Have fun on the trip!