Thursday, March 29, 2007

Guide to Understanding Master Fob's Response to the Question "How Are You?"

"I'm super-fantastico!!!"=I'm doing pretty well.

"I'm doing pretty well."=I'm okay.

"I'm okay."=I'm alive. (i.e. I'm still breathing.)

"I'm alive."=My life is falling apart around me and I'm lonely and shaky and I'm not sure I'm capable of doing anything but hurting the people I love and please, I really need a hug. And don't let go.

Unfortunately our home teacher, who just stopped by, didn't have this handy guide with him. He did, however, leave a box of doughnuts, which is almost as good.


TK said...

Does your computer receive 'HUGS BY BLOG COMMENT'? If so, here's one: HUG!

John said...

Hey Slappy, I'm sure you love me, and you for sure are not hurting me. Take care cause my thoughts are with you! Your bud, Dandy.

AmesTheMormon said...

Try telling the hometeacher that!!

You know, my husband says he'd LOVE for the families he teaches to honestly tell him what's going on and not just make chit chat and leave him feeling like an intruder. Just b/c someone is a hometeacher, it doesn't mean he has the skills to draw others out to talk about their lives. But (most of them, anyway) he wouldn't show up if they didn't really care.

I know my husband goes b/c he really does care - but I wonder if the folks he's visiting get that. Or if they know his bringing them donuts meant no donuts for his kids - and another night for them w/o Dad at home - and a tired mom putting her kids in bed alone...

If someone told him, "I'm hard to read - and this is what is going on and I want someone to know and be my friend" I think he'd REALLY appreciate it. And he'd really try. Most of us are just fumbling around trying - all the while fighting our own demons and still wanting to be helpful.

I wonder if your hometeacher is like my husband. In which case, you'll probably always get stuck with donuts, but always get included in our prayers, too.

And FWIW, If I were your hometeacher (which, I'm a chick, so that wouldn't happen), I'd hug ya, if ya wanted. And maybe pull your hair a smidge.

Master Fob said...

Thanks, everyone.

Ames--I imagine it would have been all right if I'd honestly told the home teacher how I was doing. The failure is not in his ability to care but in my ability to communicate. Thanks for your thoughts.

AmesTheMormon said...

Hey Master - maybe you should invite him to read your blog!!!


Th. said...


Hey! That guy called you Slappy!

John said...

And I call him Whitey too. Put them together and Master Fob becomes Slappy White.

John said...

PS. Refer back to the post "How well do you know Master Fob", #1. And no, I am not Chief Little Nuts. ;-)

Th. said...


I know! People really do call him that! And still!