Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Fobbing Oregon

9am. How many bags do you suppose we can stuff into a Chevy Cavalier and still have room for four people?

1pm. Mems how I mentioned a couple weeks back that I only had one more paper due this quarter? Does it surprise anyone that I waited until this morning, when I'm supposed to be getting ready for a two-week road trip, to actually write the darn thing?

2pm. On the road.

2:15pm. First forgotten item: the sling. Which means I get to carry Little Dude in my arms for the next two weeks, and he will not be falling asleep while we're out and about.

5pm. Portland. Wow. I'm in love. And traffic's not even too bad, considering we're passing through at 5pm on a weekday. Going the other way is much worse; I guess everyone who works in Portland lives in Vancouver.

6pm. Salem's okay, I guess. At least we made it through without being tried for witchcraft.

6:30pm. Surely the next town will have a Shari's. Every other town before now had one.

7pm. Okay, we'll settle for Denny's. Thank goodness they put us in the back corner, where five hours of sitting in the car can work its way out of the three-year-old without disturbing other customers too much.

8pm. Back on the road.

9:30pm. I'm digging the America's Best Value Inn in Roseburg. Cheap, clean, big room, internet connection. I'm also digging FoxyJ's new laptop, which allows us to take advantage of said internet connection. I might be digging the big mirror on the ceiling over the bed if I weren't, um, traveling with two small children.

11pm. Who, by the way, won't go to sleep. I think Roseburg is where my brother was born, but I haven't seen any umbilical cords or placentas to support the theory.


TK said...

Yep! That was where. 'A lot of good people in Roseburg. That was the last placed we lived before moving to Hawaii.

TK said...

Oh, and congratulations! You're on your way. AND I'm assuming you got your paper in and you're ready for a nice break. Enjoy.

Absent-minded Secretary said...

Aww, you drove right past the Shari's in my home town, Keizer. Keizer was the town right before Salem with the awkward looking baseball stadium off to the right of I-5.

Master Fob said...

I remember Keizer. The problem was that Little Dude was asleep at the time, so we weren't ready to stop yet.

agirlwho said...

Yay Oregon! Did you remember driving through Gladstone or Milwaukie? That's where I am from. Portland really is an awesome city. Very livable. I love the waterfront... hehe. And Shari's isn't too bad either.