Monday, July 23, 2007

No More Fishing for Compliments

I really didn't mean to write yet another post about why you should comment on my blog in order to boost my self-esteem. I started out writing a post about how I like to think of myself as this open-minded sort of person who loves a good discussion when in actuality I just want people to agree with me, but then somehow it turned into another post wherein I beg for comments. Really, I have no right to beg because (a) I get plenty of comments, and (b) I hardly ever comment on other people's blogs. So my new non-Lenten vow is not to fish for compliments anymore.

Except when I feel really needy.


Samantha said...

I hardly ever comment on other people's blogs.

I feel incredibly special and validated because once you commented on my blog. Yay!

JB said...

Heh. Another fishing for compliment blog?? ;)

Honestly, it's okay to say "anybody out there?" once in a while. At least it doesn't bug me.

Th. said...


It's so awesome how you've stopped fishing for compliments.

Mr. Fob said...

Yeah, I'm pretty awesome, aren't I?