Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Eight Things That Infuriate Me

To appease the chain blogging gods while appeasing my need to write a vague and complainy post:
  1. Social injustice. (Not enough to do anything about it, just enough to get all righteously indignant.)
  2. People who care more about principles than about people.
  3. Lack of curiosity.
  4. People who tell me I'm wrong. About anything, pretty much.
  5. Children (mine) who ignore me when I tell them to do something.
  6. Poor customer service.
  7. Target employees who don't watch where they're going while dragging a chain of twenty shopping carts behind them and then glare at ME when I honk just in time for them to jump out of the way before said chain of carts smashes into my (stationary) bumper.
  8. People who write vague and complainy posts on their blogs.
And while you do not infuriate me, chain blogging gods, still I calmly refuse to feed your madness, and so I do not pass your curse onto eight fellow bloggers.


noelle f. said...

Complainy posts? How do you mean? :)

Th. said...


You are a good man.

Sir Jupiter said...

My Chain Blogging God can beat up your Judeo-Christian deity any day.