Friday, July 13, 2007

The Adult Version of Cataloging

This afternoon I cataloged a movie called The Adult Version of Jekyll & Hide, in which a man finds the famous Dr. Jekyll's notebook and makes his own potion, which manages to turn him into Ms. Hide (not Hyde). He then proceeds to have sex (in both his alter egos) with lots of women, kill a bunch of them, and castrate a man. In the course of the title credits--which I watch in order to catalog--there are like three sex scenes. I can't say I've ever watched porn at work before, and I can't say I ever want to again.

In case you're wondering, I chose the following subject and genre headings:

600 10 Stevenson, Robert Louis, |d 1850-1894 |v Film and video adaptations.
650 _0 Murderers |v Drama.
650 _0 Sex crimes |v Drama.
650 _0 Transgenderism |v Drama.
655 _0 Erotic films.
655 _0 Horror films.
655 _0 Feature films.
655 _0 Feature films |z United States.


mamamormon said...

And I'll say it again, the cataloguers are the nerds of the library, my friend. I used to quake a little each time I had to submit something for original cataloging. The way they laughed and were so excited about it sorta freaked me out.

Expavesco said...


That movie was on HBO like (lots of) years ago. And I changed the channel to see ... that I didn't want anybody to know I had seen that short stint... scarred... forever.