Saturday, January 13, 2007

To All the Girls I've Loved Before
Part VI and a half

Channadoodah, not to be confused with her cousin Shannadoodah, doesn't quite count as a full-fledged crush because my thing for her was rather short-lived, but I include it here because it's a mildly funny story that illustrates the effect I have on women. I'd known Channadoodah all through seminary (the scripture study class Mormons take while in high school), but never really hung out with her until we were both freshmen at BYU. I decided briefly that I was in like with her, but of course I didn't tell her this. In fact, I told her I liked her cousin while I was telling her cousin that I liked Channadoodah. Rather poor taste on my part, I'd have to say. (And it only now occurs to me that they probably shared this information with each other.)

At any rate, I asked Channadoodah to Homecoming, and because I was at BYU where you don't just ask someone out, I had a handful of my floormates appear in an elevator and sing to her my request that she accompany me to Homecoming, then disappear as quickly as they'd appeared. She agreed, but later realized that she couldn't go because she was performing in the orchestra both nights when the Homecoming dances were. Not one to give up easily, I insisted that I would go to the performance to watch her, and then take her out afterward, even if we didn't go to an official Homecoming dance. She agreed. Then she called me back and asked if her roommate could come along. No, women don't tell me in so many words that they aren't interested in me, but they certainly aren't subtle about it. So I watched her perform in the orchestra, then took her and her roommate out for ice cream. I'll have you know, though, I paid for them both.

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TutuKea said...

I'm impressed! (that you didn't back out of the 'double date', and that you also paid 'for both'. Good for you!)