Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2007 Goals

1. Cut down to 15% body fat. According to this site, at least, I am currently at 20%. Getting down to 15% is the equivalent of losing fifteen pounds, but I'm focusing on body fat percentage instead of weight because ideally I'm adding muscle weight as I go.

2. Make five writing submissions, or one successful submission, whichever comes first. This will make Th. happy, I hope. By "successful" I mean someone actually wants to buy my work.

3. Read at least twelve leisure books. Yes, I more than doubled this goal last year, but I wasn't in school most of last year. I've mainly made this goal again because it's a good way to read for fun without feeling guilty about it.

4. Read the New Testament. This is a joint goal with FoxyJ, and hopefully we'll do better than we did with the Old Testament.


G'pa Bob said...

We have these wonderful scales that report our bf%. The scales are very helpful in this regard.

Best wishes with your writing. I very much enjoy what you write and can see someone buying a work. I have a similar goal for way in the future so have some idea about what you are feeling. I was published in the Church News many years ago; a very pleasant experience.

I have got to get back to reading. I was spoiled with "Hardy Boys" and "Tom Swift" and find find reading modern books difficult. My Sweetheart reads about 10 books a month and I find myself wishing I would do that. Best of luck on this.

The New Testament is my favorite. Go for it!!!

svoid said...

I don't think that site is a very good measure of your body fat percentage. I have both a body fat caliper and a fancy machine that measures body fat through electrical impedance. I am currently sitting just below 20% and you look a bit leaner than I am right now (although I'm not far behind anymore). I bet you're closer to 15% than you think.

B.G. Christensen said...

I'll have to borrow your fancy machine next time I'm in Utah, then.

Th. said...


Is it just me, or has your head shrunk?

Anyway, you're getting closer to making me happy, and the NT is much easier, what with it lacking a pentateuch and everything.

Good goals.

Th. said...



I'm pretty sure my head is the same size.

Th. said...


Nope. I just checked. You're head hasn't shrunk. Must just be my perception then.


JB said...

You shouldn't have to have a resolution to read books for fun!! But then, it does make sense.

Good luck with everything! And congrats on the whole 20% body fat thing. Maybe it's just that I don't know a ton about that, but isn't 15% about what they require for the presidential whatever it is in junior high and high school?