Wednesday, January 17, 2007

five reasons I don't like myself much at the moment

1. When I sent a fellowship recommendation form to a professor in Utah with only a week and a half before the deadline, I did not think to put Priority postage on the return envelope to ensure I got it back in time. I figured mail between here and Utah usually only takes two or three days anyway. The professor put the recommendation in the mail last Thursday. The deadline was yesterday, then extended to today because of bad weather. The recommendation still has not arrived.

2. I get angry at S-Boogie lately. A lot. For stupid reasons. I got angry at her this morning for falling down on the sidewalk and hurting herself.

3. It's cold in the library lobby. I'm going to be here for another five hours, and it's only getting colder.

4. I'm tired.

5. Really, mainly, it's the first one. At the moment.


Go for It ! said...

A lot of us out there like you plenty !

Absent-minded Secretary said...

Today I decided that I didn't like myself very much because yesterday I realized that I hate all people. Totally all. Everyone. And that makes be a very bad person. I would go eat worms, to try to redeem myself, but the poor little buggers are frozen solid, and I am not about to go chip a tooth on a frozen worm. Not even for redemption's sake.

I hope your mail gets to you soon.

Anonymous said...

I love you brother. From Lika.

G'pa Bob said...

I hope this works out for your very best.

TutuKea said...

I can sympathize with the mail thing. I'm waiting for something that was supposed to be sent from the mainland on Dec 28th! Are we still in the holiday rush season?

On another note, if I lived closer, I'd bring you a warmer jacket so you won't be miserable for the next 5 hours.

skyeJ said...

You can always send her to Morocco. It takes about six weeks. Put some curly fries in there, she'll be fine.