Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A Sixth Reason, and a Lesson Learned


FoxyJ has ultra-super-fabuloso parents. Earth Sign Mama, for example, responded to my whining last week by offering to get me my Christmas present a month early. Today my Extreme All Weather Chelsea Boots from Land's End arrived in the mail.

Unfortunately, I had told ESM that I wear size 12, because I usually do, but when I tried on my new boots this afternoon it was clear right away that they were too big. When I walked in them my heels lifted away from the soles with each step. My first impulse, because I am fundamentally lazy, was to say, "Meh, I'll get used to it. It's too much trouble to make an exchange." FoxyJ, though, being the wise person she is, told me that it would be stupid to wear boots that are too big for me simply because it's a bit of a hassle to exchange them. Furthermore, it would be a waste of a generous gift to not ensure that it is the best it can be.

Once I got past my laziness, the problem became my impatience. I had new boots and I wanted to wear them right now (it is no coincidence that those are my daughter's two favorite words). To my delight, the paper inside the shoe box explained that Land's End products can be returned or exchanged at any Sears. Perhaps I could not wear my new boots right now, but at least I could tonight, as soon as I had a chance to drive to Sears.

This plan was thwarted once I got hold of all the local Sears shoe departments and found that none of them have size 11.5 black Extreme All Weather Chelsea Boots in stock. I was tempted again to just keep the size 12s. Perhaps I could simply put some kind of insert into the boot to make it fit better... But no. I've done that too many times and regretted it later. I once received the wrong CD from an Amazon Marketplace seller, and didn't bother to do anything about it--I'm still annoyed at myself about that one.

So, as it turns out, you can teach an old fob new tricks. I called Land's End, and my size 11.5 boots are on their way. I just have to drop the size 12 ones off at a Sears next time I'm out, and wait a few more days to have dry feet.

And while I wait, I have the Simpsons Season Eight, which also arrived in the mail today (and was bought with birthday money from Earth Sign Mama and Cool Guy), to keep me company.

And that, my friends, is why I don't suck, and you don't suck, and nobody sucks. Let's all hug.

The end.


TK said...

Congratulations on some great gifts. And also for having the insight to not only choose a great wife, but one with great parents!

skyeJ said...

Yaay!! I don't suck. Lhamdulila!!

G'pa Bob said...

This will really delay the evolution of your webbed feet.

I recently bought some Wellingtons for when I work in my compost pile but that is only because the stinky compost soaks into the leather after which we can't stand to have the shoes in the house.

In total honesty (it had to come) I try to never go out in the rain.

ZrmWc back to you. Have a nice day - especially when people celebrate having you born into their life. That is such a wonderful day - then we really know we don't suck.

G'pa Bob

Th. said...



svoid said...

The whole 'being too lazy to return a gift' thing must run in the family... or at least in the men in the family, because I have the exact same problem. There have been way too many gifts that sit and end up going to waste because I was too lazy to exchange them. I ended up doing that to a jacket that Sister M bought me for Christmas last year. I still feel really bad about that.