Saturday, November 11, 2006

Another Day at Fobanna's Gift Shop

(Apologies again. Part 4 is coming.)

Fobanna's dishware is listed in several magazines around the country, and we often get calls from those ads. This morning I had the most interesting message on the phone:

"Um, I am calling about the magazine, December twenty... whatever, two-oh-six, page ninety-one, you are disgusting. The page is full of disgusting. You are enemy of the country. Goodbye."

Again, this is dishware we're talking about.


Samantha said...

Yeah, sorry. I was that caller...nothing better to do on a Saturday than discuss the morality of dishware.

Tolkien Boy said...

Well, they are kind of evil, you have to admit...

Th. said...


Was the the hammer-and-sickle pattern or the swastika pattern?