Monday, September 25, 2006

Moving Could Have Been Worse--Much Worse

I'm so thankful this didn't happen to us, but that doesn't make me feel any less horrible for the poor family it did happen to.


TK said...

Let's hope there's a positive follow-up on this.

A couple of months ago, a Scout troop came to Hawaii and did a service project (cleaning beaches, I think) and someone stole all their backpacks with their cameras and film! But local people donated enough to make up for everything but the exposed film that they'd lost, even treating them to eating out, so it had a happy ending.

Will Utahns rise to the challenge and help out this poor family?

Anonymous said...

Wow. Depressing. Poor people.

Earth Sign Mama said...

Years ago when we had just moved 1000 miles, the following week we were driving along an interstate on the way to visit relatives and came upon a moving van wreck from the day before. The driver had died from a heart attack, and his truck veered off the road into the center divider and sheered off the side of the van along a big cement overpass support. All the contents of the van were strewn for about a quarter of a mile in the grass between the two freeway lanes. Boxes, appliances, clothing, broken pieces of their furniture. It was very sobering to our family when we realized how vulnerable we had been just the week before when we excitedly watched all of our stuff being packed into a big truck, little knowing that sometimes accidents happen and your stuff is ruined or lost.

BUT, to have some sleazy wretches STEAL your belongings is so appalling. I hope that a vivid description of their things is broadcast all over so that swapmeet attenders and yardsale buyers might recognize it and return it, or even (yippee) catch the dreadful selfish creeps who stole it.