Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Blogging Anxiety

Not too long ago, it was not uncommon for me to go a week without blogging. Ever since the Trib article briefly sextupled my daily readership, then settled back down to about double the hits I used to get, I feel a need to blog more consistently. Not for your sake, mind you, but for mine. You can just as easily find some other way to waste your time. I, on the other hand, stand here watching the sands of fleeting flash-in-the-pan-ness slipping through my fingers, fully aware of the drop in hits every day I don't post.

Meanwhile, about twelve people are wondering if I got the emails they sent me in the past week. If you're one of those people, rest assured that I love you and I am composing an amazing, breathtaking reply in my head which I will actually write and send in the next couple of days. If the email you eventually get from me isn't quite as amazing and breathtaking as promised, well, then go read David Sedaris.


G'pa Bob said...

Seattle is a beautiful place with beautiful people; and, if one likes water, the sky is ever-beautiful as it moves from blue to grey to black to blue (over months). The good news is that we here have learned how to cheer each other as the grey months pass.

Bob Millward

Th. said...


I love that faux serial-killer-in-France story....