Sunday, January 01, 2006

Three Posts for the Price of One

1. Bad Parents

We honestly had no intention of keeping S-Boogie up past midnight. Traditionally we don't even stay up till midnight ourselves, even if we try. We were going to let her stay up a little later than usual, come home about ten, and put her in bed. And that plan would have worked, were S-Boogie and Foxy J and I not having so much fun. I blame editorgirl for throwing such a great party.

Lately, S-Boogie tends to wake up just a little before Foxy and I are ready to, so she gets in bed with us and kicks our faces until we wake up. This morning, she got up at about the usual time, climbed into our bed, and went back to sleep. We went to sacrament meeting at nine, came home because her nose is too runny to go to nursery, and she asked to take a nap. What we have here is a tired Boogie.

2. Good Music

Last night I finally succeeded in transferring all our music to the MP3 player we got with the gift card my dad gave us for Christmas (thanks again, Dad). The total rings in at 2552 tracks from 224 albums, using up less than half of the 20 GB capacity of the player.

3. New Year's Resolutions

i. Read the Old Testament. The Sunday school teacher recommended the New Jewish Publication Society Translation of the Tanakh, and I think I might try it out, just to do something different.

ii. Get a six-pack (my own, not someone else's).

iii. Read at least one book per month. I'm embarrassed to admit that, as a librarian and an English teacher, I need to make this a goal. This past semester I just didn't have any time left over after preparing lesson plans, hanging out with S-Boog, working, eating, sleeping, writing, blogging, and occasionally running into Foxy J. I need to make time, though. Somehow.

iv. Read more poetry. I've been reading Foxy's copy of Leaves of Grass and I've been enjoying it. Considering the length and my pace, maybe my goal should just be to finish Leaves this year.

v. Do something fun and surprising for Foxy on a regular basis. (This one's a secret; don't tell her.)

I'll report back throughout the year. Please harass me if I don't.


Christian said...

You're not bad parents. Unless, of course, the tired Boogie intereferes with dinner plans. Then you're bad parents. ;)

MP3 players rock.

The Old Testament is a superb goal. It's my favorite book of scripture.

Read at least one book per month . . . I think that's a great goal, and one that everyone should have as we, as a society are far too illiterate,

For poetry, I recommend finishing Levithan's The Realm of Possibility (which you may have already done since the middle of November) as it will also meet your book goal. I also really liked Koertge's Shakespeare Bats Cleanup, Hesse's Aleutian Sparrow and Out of the Dust (winner of the Newbery). In terms of poets, I find that I really like Hopkins.

B.G. Christensen said...

Tired Boogie will definitely not interfere with dinner plans.

I also like Shakespeare Bats Cleanup, but not Out of the Dust. I think it should have stayed in the dust. Thanks for reminding me to finish Realm. After I do, I might try out Aleutian Sparrow.

editorgirl said...

Re: Tired S-Boogie

I blame myself as well. That and the amazing ability of that child to find chocolate regardless of where we hid it. (That being said, you three made the party. Will discuss at length in person.)

Re: Poetry

Say it with me: contemporary. I am taking it upon myself to introduce you to good/cool contemporary poets. And no, I don't mean myself. (Although Melyngoch and TB might come up.)

Random thought: Provided that it ended by 10:00, what do you think about a poetry reading at my place? (Not to interfere with the infamous Valentines reading a la Poetasters.)

Other random thought: I like you. In a simple, deity-worship kind of way.

B.G. Christensen said...

eg--I am intrigued as to how we three made the party. Do tell.

I am taking it upon me to be introduced by you to good/cool contemporary poets. And Melyngoch and TB do tend to come up.

I think a poetry reading at your place would be fabulous. Or anything at your place, really. Foxy and I are in love with your house. In a mostly nonsexual way.

I like you too. In a simple, cult-leader-to-loyal-acolyte sort of way. Except without the poison Kool Aid.