Friday, January 13, 2006

S-Boogie's New Favorite Place to Nap

Please, no closet jokes. Unless they're particularly funny.


Christian said...

I'm trying to think of a particularly funny joke. Don't worry, it'll come.

In the meantime, may I tickle your funny bone with the word verification?


Now, wasn't that hilarious? I thought so.

Oh, and for a relevant comment, S-Boogie is far too adorable for words.

Melyngoch said...

oh, mems about the Simpsons with gay guy where Bart's wearing the Hawaiian shirt and Homer says "Where did you get that?" and Bart says "It came out of the closet."

(well, it was funny before I slaughtered it.)

Th. said...


Why did the closet cross the road?

(I'll stop there because the punch line isn't as funny as the question.)

Cricket said...

"curiously, this isn't the first time a nun has urged me to stay in the closet"

-Jack McFarland, Will & Grace

Braden said...

I lived in a closet for my semester at ASU. It was probably much bigger than that, but still. About 5x5.

Tolkien Boy said...

Sophie and Hardly Plotter. Just make sure she doesn't grow up with a persecution complex.