Friday, January 06, 2006

Lost Generation

S-Boogie has decided that the earrings go on Mr. Potato Head. I fear it's too late for her now. She's going to grow up to be one of those freaks who thinks it's okay for men to wear earrings, and has sex with animals, or something.

Don't even get me started on the unhealthy body image issues Mrs. Potato Head is bound to give her.

Or the unrealistic expectations of what can be stored in one's butt.


Christian said...

I only wish I could pull of large, plastic green earrings half as well as Mr. Potato Head. Sigh.

I won't comment on the storage issue.

FoxyJ said...

What are you talking about: I always keep my purse in my butt.

Melyngoch said...

I think it's the expectations she's going to have of carrots that you really need to worry about.

Jokey Smurf said...

Suddenly, and terrifyingly, I could picture myself after having become a father. And then I got a craving for a baked potato, and now I'm re-questioning my sexuality. Thanks.