Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Post About Tolkien Boy

Tolkien Boy mentioned last week that few blog posts have been written solely about him. He recognized this notable exception, but apparently that's not good enough for him. So this is a post about Tolkien Boy.

For more than two years now Tolkien Boy has been my best friend (which is in no way a slight to other best friends). In those two years he has motivated me to go to the gym regularly, he has provided consistently valuable feedback on my writing, and he has on countless occasions given me a shoulder to cry on, both figuratively and literally. I think it's safe to say that I have done all those things for him as well, which is one of the many things I value about our friendship: we are equals. At times the balance may shift to one side or another--lately, for example, I've felt rather needy--but over the past two years we have each had our moments of giving and receiving.

As most of my friends over the past five years have learned, Master Fob is a package deal. Befriending me means befriending my family, and Tolkien Boy has done just that since the moment Melyngoch introduced us. He is as good to FoxyJ, S-Boogie, and Little Dude as he is to me, and that is hugely important to me. It delights me to see the people I love love each other.

Despite the fact that TB knew more than most about the almost constant state of turmoil I was in, he was always supportive of my marriage up until the point I decided to end it. In the midst of all this, TB recognized that ultimately I wouldn't listen to whatever advice he or anyone else gave me, even if I solicited such advice, and that his unconditional friendship was needed more than his opinion. He was right, and I'm thankful to know I can process my thoughts with him without fear of judgment.

In summary, Tolkien Boy is a good person. If you aren't already his friend, you should be. The waiting list may be long, as he's quite the popular fellow, but don't worry--you can read his 200 or so blog posts, which are all as witty and insightful as they are lengthy, while you wait.


Th. said...


They are that.

Samantha said...

sigh...I hate waiting lists...maybe he'll bump me ahead of a few people if he sees how elderly I am...

Tusk said...

Oh man, another list?
Will this give me more FOB credits?

Tolkien Boy said...

What a delightful suprise this morning, of all mornings.

Will you hate me overmuch if I thank you with the same breath that it takes to tell you that it gives me the squeaming neemies that your "location" misues the contraction you are in place of the genitive your?

Master Fob said...

Oh, deer, it gives me the squeaming neemies too sea it their to. Its sow good of you two give me you're advice in such a discreet fashion.