Friday, April 06, 2007

Back in Utah (Again)

Though it was ten o'clock when FoxyJ picked me up from the airport tonight and both S-Boogie and Little Dude have been sick so they need their sleep, I secretly hoped they would be awake when we got to my sister's house so I could see them tonight. It's been two weeks. So when Little Dude started crying while I was making a bedtime snack, I happily ran downstairs to get him. The room was dark, so I couldn't see him very well, but he certainly felt two weeks heavier. He freaked out a bit because he hadn't seen me in two weeks and I wasn't his mom, but eventually I got him to calm down and go to sleep. His soft baby skin felt so nice against my face.

When I set him back down in his bed he woke up and started crying, and it took me a good ten minutes of patting his back and shushing to get him to stay asleep. On the way out of the room I gave S-Boogie, who was sleeping soundly, a kiss on the cheek.

Saturday morning we're going to load up the car and drive back to Seattle, where Foxy will look for a job and an apartment (our current apartment is student family housing, so since she's not a student staying isn't an option). She had been thinking of staying in Utah, and if she had we would've made it work with me making flights out every other weekend, but I'm so glad she's decided to come back to Washington so I don't have to be so far away from my children. As frustrating as sleepless babies can be, they are without a doubt better than no babies.


TK said...

I'm so happy for you - and them - for you to be able to see them! Have a good trip!

Sir Jupiter said...

Need help apartment searching?