Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Melyngoch assures me that, in fact, I am not a misogynist, but rather that my accuser is "the sort of theory-drunk 'feminist' who does nothing for real feminist issues, too busy being angry at men for victimizing women to let women out of the victimized role." I was worried that I would have to start calling all the women I know bitches and hoes (how does one correctly pluralize ho, anyway?) and, I don't know, kicking them around or something. This would have been unfortunate because, as has been established, some of the women in my life are borderline goddesses, Melyngoch being one of the noblest, most intelligent, and most willing to write a long email trashing faulty logic for the purpose of making me feel better.


Anonymous said...

Three cheers for Melyngoch, defeater of faulty logic. And three cheers for Master Fob, everyone's favorite nonmisogynist.

The idea of Ben the misogynist is nothing short of ridiculous.

Melyngoch said...

Noble, huh? I'm blusing on the inside. But what are friends for, if not to write long trashy emails? And anyway, I still owe for that one time with the thing and the guy and the long emails.

At any rate, I'm glad I was convincing, since I was right.

Christian said...

You know, if you would bother to tell some of us what happened, we could send you supportive e-mails as well. We could even share stories of how as undergrad Art History majors we were raging feminists (because Prof. Peacock was a cool feminist) and how as English grad students we were raging misogynists (because Prof. Paul was such a bitter feminist).

But no, that won't happen because you never talk to some people anymore.

Th. said...


By the way, she seems to think that since it is possible to find her blog by googling "Ben Christensen misogynist", this means you are a misogynist.

And not just that she keeps calling you one.