Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Goodbye, Dear Readers

(For now.)

I am going to teach my classes for the last time in an hour, and when I come back I will have forty 10-page papers to grade. I may not blog or otherwise interact with human beings again for the next few days.

Don't forget, the Blog Party is in seven days.


Tolkien Boy said...

Pah. Just when my schedule's clearing up, too (like someone's spotty face, blaugh).

Have fun grading. I just finished my last class of my undergraduate career.

Praise be.

Th. said...


Seven days!

JB said...

Aw, th beat me to it. But I was going to say:

[whispering in creepy voice] days...[/creepy voice]

And also, good luck with everything!

The Walrus said...

and jessica beat me to it too...

oh well....


(there better be some at the blogparty)