Sunday, April 30, 2006

Close Call

Th. will likely tell you on his blog about the accident the Thteeds were in today as they tried to leave Las Vegas, but considering his history of crying wolf, you might not believe him. In order to convince you, I offer a second witness--I saw the smashed driver's side where he was hit by the car he tried to make a left turn in front of--and I offer you this evidence:

It's a good thing he was wearing the hat. That could have been his head.

All Thteeds, by the way, are safe and well, albeit concerned for their car. They rejoice, however, in the opportunity to spend another night in Vegas with us.


Unknown said...

It's a lie, I saw that hat in much the same shape and form at least a week ago! Or some other discerable time distance longer than that specified.

Lady Steed said...

Staying another night in Vegas with The FOBs was lovely. We got to celebrate Foxy's b-day, watch S-Boogie and The Big O play in the sand box and spend some time in the jacuzzi and pool. It was fun even though it was due to very unhappy circumstances.

Thanks FOBs! for easing our pains.

ps: the hat is a great conversation starter

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

Do you know when they ended up leaving Las Vegas(or if they left)? Lady's parents are super worried about them since they haven't heard anything and they're still not home.