Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Another Update

This afternoon I was covering the children's desk while the children's staff had their meeting, as I am in the habit of doing on Tuesdays. And one of the staffmembers comes up to me and says, "Master Fob, I haven't read your Dialogue articles yet, but my daughter's friend asked if I know a Master Fob who works at the library and he said he really liked your articles." Then she leaned in close and whispered, "Is it true?" Assuming that the unstated antecedent of "it" was either "your personal essay" or "the fact that you are gay" and not "this rumor I heard that you eat live rats" or "the Church of Scientology," I said, "Yes." She smiled and said, "Well, I think you are a great guy."

Then later, once I was back on my side of the library and a while after I saw another children's librarian take Dialogue from the shelf, that first children's librarian came to my desk, a bit red-eyed, and said, "Master Fob, all I have to say is that you are one of the neatest people I know."

And now I feel like I'm bragging, and that sort of cheapens her kind compliment. Sorry. The moral of this story is not meant to be that Master Fob is a cool person, but that Master Fob has some pretty cool friends.


Cricket said...

**big cheese-y grin for FOB**

I'm happy to hear that the responses (so far) have been good.

Freelancer said...

Master FOB-man! That's great! It's amazing how those kinds of affriming reponses can 'refill the proverbial bucket' when the realities of life have a tendancy to drain you sometimes. Soak up the love brother!

Th. said...


Well, maybe I shouldn't say, but I think you have some pretty cool friends.

Th. said...


I mean like really really cool.

Tolkien Boy said...

When she said "guy," are you certain of the vowel?

Really certain?