Monday, November 12, 2007


Tonight a friend had to decline an offered slice of the delicious peanut butter chocolate pie left in our fridge after another friend's visit last night. He explained that he does not have a nut allergy but his girlfriend does, which means that if he comes home with traces of peanut butter in his beard, she'll, like, die. In order to protect her from this fate, then, he denies himself the pleasures of peanuty goodness.

As someone who will often pull the peanut butter jar out of the cupboard just to sneak a fingerful, I can't help but see this as the highest and purest form of love.


J G-W said...

Peanut butter, I could handle. But if my lovey pie developed an allergy to chocolate... I don't know.

Actually, I could kind of relate to this. Due to various complicated complications (which I've described on my blog), my partner was not able to get a passport until now. In fact, today we just walked over to the government center and submitted his application. But for the past 8 years, he has not been able to apply for one, and this was heartbreaking to him.

The only thing I could do to make him feel better was to swear an oath that I would not under any circumstances leave the country (for work, for family, for whatever) until he could leave the country with me.

Boy, that trip to Toronto we're hoping to take in January will feel great!

Boo said...

What an interesting thought. How often to we sacrifice something that we REALLY want because we know that it will hurt the one that we love? I think I will now relate to this as PBP.