Friday, November 09, 2007

S-Boogie's Wisdom

"Life* is kinda like Corn Chex."

Really, I can't think of an apter metaphor.

*The cereal, that is. But still.


Parallel Mormon said...


I love your site. You are a truly amazing man. I, too, am Gay and Married. Only I recently came out to my wife, and I have discovered the love and passion for my wife I had feared I would never know for real. I did not have the courage to be honest with myself when I married, let alone be honest with my wife, nor am I brave enough to make known my real identity here other than to offer my line of folk wisdom honed from my own life experience:

Fiction is fantastic, but there's nothing stranger than the truth.

Rock on, buddy! You're an inspiration.

Samantha said...

Ben--you are worth a sumo's weight in gold--and I'm not saying that lightly.

Happy belated birthday, and just in case you think I'm not sincere, you should read my latest post (anything for blog I'm channeling The Great -L-, which I don't necessarily have to do since I'm him anyway).

Th. said...


Very nice. I totally went in for it.