Thursday, October 18, 2007

Possible Topics of This Post

  • How neglecting to blog and to reply to emails has the positive effect of giving me more time to write but also the negative effect of making my inbox feel lonely.
  • How I realized tonight that Dean Cain was miscast as Superman; he'd make a much better Captain Marvel.
  • How UW is dedicating a new building to me. Really. It's called Ben Hall. (If I could, I'd link to the ads all over campus that say "Ben Who?")
  • Okay, not really.
  • How I've started my own religion.
  • How I've been sick now for a month, at least, and even antibiotics didn't cure it.
  • How after I finish authority training next week I'll become master of the universe. Well, at least the bibliographic universe of name authority records.
  • How I'm falling asleep writing this because of the prescription cough medicine I


Samantha said...

Sorry you're sick. Someday you should ask Weed to share with you the Samantha Stevens Wellness Theory...not that it will help you now...

iwonder said...

Tell me about this new religion of yours.

Katya said...

You're doing authoirty training? Luckeee!