Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Calories and Pounds

According to the display on the exercise bike, after sixty minutes of riding this morning I had burned about 450 calories. That's equivalent to what? A Snickers bar?

Mmm... Snickers...

On the bright side, according to the locker room scale, this morning I broke the 170 mark--169.8, to be exact--for the first time in recent memory. Granted, my 2007 goal is based on body fat, not weight, but still I think that's a sign I'm making some progress, if only 450 calories at a time.


svoid said...

A pound of fat is roughly equal to 3500 calories. So, at the rate of 450 calories a day it would take a little over a week to burn a pound of fat. Of course, that assumes that all of those calories burned on the exercise bike turn into a calorie deficit for the day. So, it really depends on what you eat as to whether or not that figure works out.

In any case, kudos on breaking 170. I'm starting to climb back in the opposite direction and I really need to turn it around. Maybe I can use your progress as inspiration :)

Desmama said...

Whenever DesDad and I aspire to lose weight, one of us inevitably starts gaining while the other starts losing. I'm starting to think it's that law of physics that says that matter can't be destroyed nor created, it can only change forms. It just changes between his form and my form. :(

Sir Jupiter said...

How is it that you weigh more but you're thinner than I am?

Oh wait, *muscle*...I forgot.

Hey, did I tell you I'm getting pecs now?!?!

P.S. my word verification at the bottom is "modeurn." How neat is that?

JB said...

It's a little depressing to work your. . . butt off for an hour and find out that was worth two bags of chips. And not the big bags, either. But, it's good for your heart and your health! :D