Monday, October 15, 2007

Common Justice

The Hollywood Reporter reports that casting has begun for the new Justice League of America movie. Director George Miller is looking for young actors who can grow into the (super)heroic roles over the course of several movies, so the list of auditioners includes actors from shows like The O.C., Sky High, and Running With Scissors. Oh, and also Common, the rapper. You'd think that the prospect of combining one of my favorite rappers with one of my favorite superhero teams would excite me, but mostly I'm just wondering what role he's auditioning for.

(NOTE: Not an actual photo.)


Miss Hass said...

I like him best as a blonde bombshell.

iwonder said...

Wonder Woman for sure.

Th. said...


Well it's obvious he could do any of them.

How do you feel about the JLA movie's separation from the Batman and Superman.

Mr. Fob said...

I think it'll work better as a separate franchise. If Christian and Brandon were in it, they'd hog screen time even more than Superman and Batman as characters already will on their own.

Th. said...


That's a very good point.

Any dream casting you'ld make?