Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Forever Found

Barnes and Noble had only one copy of Finding Forever--apparently alternative hip hop isn't a big seller in the University District in Seattle--and it was not the edited version. (I'm generally not a fan of any kind of censorship, but I do have two small children, the elder of whom has been known to sing along to my music. In my defense, this is not a Clean Flix guerrilla censorship thing here; clean versions of most albums with the explicit lyrics label are produced by record companies and if artists have a problem with being edited then they should take a closer look at the fine print of their contracts. [But then I have been known, in cases where there is no officially-produced clean version, to do my own guerrilla censorship, but at least I'm not selling or renting my censored copies.])

So anyway (starting a new paragraph because that was a really long parenthetical), I came home and bought the album on Napster. With Paypal money, which is like real money but not quite the same because it doesn't show up on my bank statement. Regardless, I'm unrepentant.

And Harry Potter is now "In Transit." The reward certificate has yet to show its face.


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