Sunday, August 05, 2007

Blog Party Returns

A NOTE ON CONTINUITY: Blog Party Returns takes place a year and a half after the events of Blog Party II. Blog Party III and Blog Party IV are no longer considered canon--in effect, they never happened. Blog Party is still in continuity, as is Blog Party II, but Blog Party Returns assumes that events transpired as portrayed in the director's cut, not the original version.

On the evening of Saturday, August 18th, the Fob family will be throwing a blog party at an as-yet-undisclosed location in the state of Utah (probably either in Provo or Salt Lake, but we're considering Hurricane since it's such a happening place). We would like you (yes, you) to come. If you would like to come, email me for the details. (If you've already emailed FoxyJ about coming to said party, rest assured we'll be getting in touch with you in the next couple weeks, as details solidify.)


Katria said...

Hurricane? Umm.... Yeah, very happenin'. Although, I hear there is a water park around about that area.

Would love to come, but I won't be anywhere within 2000 miles of Utah on that date.

Th. said...


Hurricane's a good place--and it can be a little shibboleth--anyone who can't say the name of the town correctly gets executed. Or at least bounced.

kadusey said...

I will unfortunately not be in Utah until approximately two days later. I hope you and your fellow Fobbers have a grand time, wherever in Utah the party may be.