Thursday, April 27, 2006

Satellite Blogging

After hanging out with the Thteeds after the blog party until 2 this morning, then sleeping in until 10:30 thanks to S-Boogie being up till midnight and FoxyJ being good enough to get up and feed the child breakfast while I fought to ignore the sunlight, then taking a couple hours to get the three of us ready and clean up the house, then a six-hour (including stops) drive made short by the accompaniment of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (provided by Edgy), we have arrived at the satellite Fobcave in Las Vegas. Through the miracle of modern technology, I will continue to post as if I were in the 'Cave in Orem. The wonders will never cease.


Christian said...

So did the mp3 format work? Please say yes. Or you could just say ugfvj. Because the word verification says so.

B.G. Christensen said...


I have a confession:

I didn't try the MP3 CD. See, being that we were planning on listening in the car, it was easier to pop the audio CDs into the car CD player than to rip the MP3s onto my computer, transfer them to my MP3 player, and then use my weak FM broadcaster to use the MP3 player in the car. If you had only given me the MP3 option, that's what I would have done, but since you gave me both...

I will be sure to test out the MP3 CD so we know if it will work for future volumes, as I will be listening to them on my MP3 player while taking S-Boogie on walks.

Cheerio. Love you, Edgy.