Monday, April 24, 2006

BYOC (as opposed to byuck)

If you have a portable (i.e. lawn or other folding) chair or two, please bring them to the blog party. Wednesday. 5:30 pm. The high's up to 72 now and there's no rain till Friday according to the current fobcast.


Anonymous said...

I have some tragic, tragic news. I have parent teacher conferences tomorrow. Until late. *sobs and shakes fist at the skies yelling "Why?! Why?!!"*

Stenar said...

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kadusey said...

I'm excited to meet everybody! I successfully wrangled my way out of class (the teacher had nothing for me to do if I went anyway) so I will be on time. But my fiance will definitely be late, though not as late as supposed at first, as his final got moved up 15 minutes. So he will be able to come over and also meet everybody at approximately 7:30-ish. Coincidentally, his final involves presenting his blog to his class as his creative project.

We unfortunately have no folding chairs, but we do have a small picnic blanket we can bring to sit on. And treats.

JB said...

Looks like a beautiful day so far! :)