Monday, April 24, 2006

I Did Not Break My Daughter's Arm

When I am holding S-Boogie's hand, especially when we are in a parking lot--as we were this afternoon after eating at Thai Chili Gardens with the Thteeds--I hold on tight. Apparently, this is not such a good thing to do, at least not when your child tries to pull away quickly or starts to fall.

I was not fazed when I heard the pop or even when S-Boogie started crying because that has happened a few times before and each time I panicked because I thought that I'd broken her arm, but in the past she has always recovered in a minute or two and forgotten about the incident, much to my relief. This time, however, she did not stop crying. We got home and she was still crying. We watched Veggie Tales and she was still crying. She took a nap and woke up crying.

So we took her to the doctor, who said it looked like she had nursemaid's elbow, which is basically a slightly dislocated elbow that toddlers occasionally get. When the doctor failed to relocate the elbow he sent us to have an x-ray. We watched Jeopardy while we waited for the results and, thankfully, by the time the radiologist reported that there were no fractures or dislocations, S-Boogie was already acting like she felt better. Apparently the doctor had managed to relocate the elbow without realizing it, or it relocated itself. Either way, we're glad it's not broken and S-Boogie doesn't have a cast to prevent her from swimming in Grandma's pool this weekend.


Katria said...

Good to know she's OK.

My dad tackled me to the ground once. But then, that's not really the same thing. At all.

Cricket said...

How scary for you! I'm to hear that she's all better :)

Earth Sign Mama said...

My brother (who wouldn't even kill mice)once created a spiral fracture of the femur for his not-even-walking-yet son. They were riding horsie on dad's back and the baby started to slip so my brother reached up to grab him to prevent the head-bang that a fall to the floor would have caused. Instead the baby was already falling too far off and by grasping his leg and trying to save him, my brother just turned his little leg wrong and broke the bone. It was SO AWFUL...My brother would rather have broken his own leg. And the ER visit wasn't too pleasant either.

TK said...

Ooooh again! Wow. I was holding my breath as I read your blog. So glad she's okay! Kinda scary.

Th. said...


We were thinking of her and are relieved that we don't have to call and ask how she's doing now.


Did that come out right?

Cicada said...

My dad slammed my finger in a door jamb and I had to go to the hospital. He also knocked me off his suburban once, causing me to almost break open my head. Both of these things happened when I was a teenager.

So what I'm saying is that there's still time to do damage, Master Fob. There's still time.