Tuesday, September 11, 2007


One year and two days ago I moved to Seattle from Utah. Ten years and fifteen days ago I moved to Utah from Hawai'i. Twenty-seven years, ten months, and eight days ago I moved to Hawai'i from... well, that's debatable. And not the point of this post.

The point is that I have spent most of the last month visiting the two places I have lived for most of my mortal life, and yesterday I came back to Seattle, and it's nice to be home. I love the happy Mormonness of Utah and the laid-back alohaness of Hawai'i, but Seattle is my home now and it's a good place to live. I've felt at home here since the day I arrived in a moving truck with my brother last September, and I felt at home in Utah from the day I got off the plane in Salt Lake City ten years ago. I'm glad to have lived in just the right place for each period of my life, and it's nice that I can go back to visit my family and friends in former homes, and even nicer that I can then come back to my present home, lie down in my own bed, and get a good night's sleep.


John. said...

Welcome home, Master FOB ... or should I have said that when you arrived in Hawaii?

Julie said...

You should talk to Fabio. He is always complaining that wherever he lives he doesn't feel like he is "home." You'd think it would be enough to be with his family, but apparantly he feels something else is involved, that hasn't been in place since maybe Fresno.