Friday, December 08, 2006


Napoleon Dynamite can have his nunchuk skills. After a couple months of working at Fobanna's, I've come to take pride in my giftwrapping skills. Fobanna herself will tell customers that I do a better job than she does. (Never mind the fact that she hasn't ever said a sincere word to a customer, to my knowledge.)

I don't take pride, however, in the gender stereotypes Fobanna promotes. She frequently tells me how glad she is that I work here so I can do things like turn the stereo on, and that obviously I don't know how to clean the wax out of a votive holder because that's a woman thing. Tonight she was talking to a customer who was looking for something to bring to a work party gift exchange.

Fobanna: Are your coworkers women or men?
Customer: Well, I work at a pilate studio, so all the men I work with are gay.
Fobanna: Oh, then we don't have to worry--anything in the store will be perfect!

Because attraction to men and love for pink scented soaps and fancy flatware are intrinsically linked.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't it great? All your inconsequentilal preferences are preset. Now you have extra time to obsess over life's more important matters, shoes for example.