Tuesday, December 26, 2006

At What Point Does One's Life Become a Parody of Itself?

Is it when one's three-year-old daughter has to go to the emergency room because she's shoved a plastic bead up her nostril? Not that I can complain, really--I get to stay home with Little Dude while FoxyJ has the joy of making the hospital trip with the culprit.


John said...

I shovedrolled up pieces of cardboard high up my nostrils once. My parents did NOT take me to the Emergency room.
They made me sneeze them out....it took a fair few hours.

Hope everything is ok.

G'pa Bob said...

Funny things happen - at least in retrospect.

My son, at 7, was fighting with his sisters and fell against a peice of furniture which nearly severed one eyelid. Two weeks later we brought him home from the final check and he repeated vey nearly the same accident. We were sure we would be arrested in that one.

Anonymous said...

My #3 child used the same carseat as his older siblings and the plastic was cracked and the foam underneath was beginning to fall out. Beloved son, bored with sitting in said carseat, stuffed small pieces of foam up his nose. This did not become apparent until a week or two later when they began to fester and stink. We thought it was some sort of cold or infection until the doctor started pulling out the pieces of foam.

Samantha said...

Personally, I believe dried beans and other legumes are the best things to shove up the nose. My mom tells me I did it more than once.

I have one child who also believed that nostrils are the body's built in pockets.

Best of luck to you--the parody doesn't end here.

Katria said...

When I was little, my friend's older brother shoved a ... what was it called, a micro machine? Anyway, he shoved one of those up his nose and had to go to the emergency room. Twice.